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New Playlist is Here! Get the Speakers BOOMIN’!

Hey y’all, as always I’ve been exploring new music. I realized I do like a lot of electronic music but the bass has to be knockin’ and the song has to follow a beat. I made a playlist of electric songs I like on playlist called Seltzer Mix. Of course, the cover was designed by me.




Check it out on my Spotify channel, Notreezy.

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Hors D’ouevres

My second Spotify playlist I want you all to listen to is one by the name of Hors D’ouevres. I like dinner parties amongst friends. As I got older, I’ve started to appreciate intimate events where you see nothing but familiar faces and I wanted to encapsulate that musically.

This playlist is riddled with smooth r&b, sensual vibes that go down smooth like a glass of red wine. Jam out to the tunes of Antibalas, Ari Lennox, Kaytranada, The Internet, Vanjess and more. The playlist photo was designed by me as well.

Enjoy, and share with friends!