Photo Taken by Veronica Todaro

My name is Riley, age 26, a West-Indian American born and raised in Corona, Queens, NY.  I attended Baruch College for Marketing and Graphic Design. I was born into humble beginnings giving me the personality and characteristics like no other.

I embody true New York City energy–kinetic, creative and passionate, and possess a rare, peculiar charisma. I offer these sensibilities, along with my business and design expertise, to each professional position I hold. 

I seek to delve into the innovative marketing and business field and I strive to introduce the world to new perspectives. My curiosity propels me to contemplate the prospect of working with other forward-thinking professionals.

I am skilled in graphic design, photography and event coordination. Additionally, I utilize my knowledge of and interest in music to create playlists that can accompany a vast array of moods or affairs.